Fabricating pipes through bending is an interesting process.

I have never before had to do construction although I have recently been working with a company that is looking to move and this move in one in which we are looking to build a new building.  We started in August of last year and would love to be able to move into our new space in the next couple of months.  We would like to do it sooner rather than later, but that whole process is not up to us.  One of the things that we have learned is that there is a lot going on on any given contraction site and that means that there are things that could happen without warning.  One of the things that we have learned recently is that there is a lot of potential for things to go wrong.  This past week it has been raining a lot and as a result, we had some issues that ruined some dry wall and caused them having to lose a few man hours because of having to replace that dry wall.  It was something about which I have not been super familiar, but being able to learn about it recently through my office has been great.

bolt torquing serviceI have been put on a building committee, so that I could help direct colleagues to make sure that they get all of their stuff in order before the move. We have a lot riding on the industrial construction companies that are doing the building, but fortunately we are working with companies like Turner Industries and it has been a privilege to be abel to work with these different organizations.  Nevertheless, in order to get all of our stuff done, I think that we will ultimately be working with some great companies that will be able to provide us with a great final product.  One of the ways that we will be able to ensure that this is the case is through the utilization of pipe fabricators that have a union and are vouched for by a number of other quality projects.

This will help because it gives us the basis of history so that we can only go with the companies that are going to be able to provide the services and the ability that they already agreed to.  There have been a number of other situations in which people have agreed to do something, but because they do not have the history or the capacity, they have failed. I hope that that is not the case with our project and that it all gets done in time.  I think that the last thing that we need to do before we start to put all of the dry wall back on is to find a pipe fabrication company to make our HVAC stuff. It will allow for us to get all of our projects done in a good amount of time and that is something that makes all of our future projects and plans very happy for everyone involved.


There are so many dental services to choose from at Loveland Family Dentistry.

When searching for a family dentist you want to find someone who offers a wide range of services and has experience and a good friendly field. A great family dentist will make you feel welcome and comfortable. The folks at Loveland Family Dentistry will do just that. Dr. Krause is an excellent female dentist and goes the extra mile to stay on top of her continuing education which will benefit you and your family.

New Patient Exam

Comprehensive Exam



Tooth Colored Crowns

Porcelain Veneers

Permanent Bridges

Whitening Your Smile

Dental Implants Restoration

White Fillings

Occlusal Equilibration

Occlusal equilibration is the mechanical adjustment of your teeth, dentures, bridges, fillings, or other oral appliances to a position that allows your lower jaw to function in a natural hinge in relation to your jaw without improper influence from teeth.


Occlusal Equilibration


DIAGNOdent- Laser Caries Detection Aid

Even very small lesions are detected at the earliest stage, enabling you to protect and preserve the tooth substance.

Detection Aid

Root XZ

a fully automatic apex locator which provides extremely accurate measurements of the canal length in all canal conditions. The advanced microprocessor ensures precise readings even in the presence of sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, saliva, blood or pulp.

IntraOral Camera

The intraoral camera is a revolutionary diagnostic dental tool allowing us to more identify potential problems within the mouth early on. The tiny intraoral camera can be inserted into a patient´s mouth, taking pictures of the teeth and displaying the images on a computer screen. Using the intraoral camera saves time and makes problems easily visible to both patient and doctor. Patients can view the areas we will be working on, making procedures more understandable. The accompanying software also provides clear and accurate data so that the best treatment options can be selected.


Sterilization destroys all (100%) microbial forms such as bacteria, viruses, and spores to prevent cross-contamination to other patients and/or health care providers. Used items and instruments are commonly sterilized by a method known as autoclaving. Autoclaving is an excellent method of instrument sterilization using superheated steam (121 °C) under pressure.

As you can see the services offered at Loveland Family Dentistry is extensive and impressive. They offer services that many dentist offices do not offer. The Occlusal Equilibration, DIAGNOdent laser, IntraOral Camera and Steralization are all unique offers of Loveland Family Dentistry. They can be found elsewhere but to have them all in one place is so nice and convenient. You will never have to worry about going somewhere else for tests or services. You can feel safe and comfortable bringing your family to Loveland Family Dentistry because they are always current with the latest technology and trends and will do their absolute best to treat you. A great family dentist can be hard to come by. You will not be disappointed with your experience and you will always be leaving with a healthy clean smile you know you can be proud of and want to share with the world.


Your Floors Don’t Have to Look Bad — Get Carpet and Tile Cleaning

The bottom of our shoes, are the most dirty parts of our bodies or anything that we use to clothe ourselves with. That is, if we ever strap on some shoes and leave the house every once in a while and walk around the neighborhood or the local mall. Your shoes will pick up an immense amount of germs, dirt and grime, even if you don’t feel like you’re wading through the mud and muck. Then, what happens is we come home and walk around our houses on the carpets, spreading the filth around and eventuacarpet cleaninglly, it shows. Without a basis for comparison, it’s difficult to see that your carpets and rugs are getting dirty over the course of time, but know that it’s true unless you take your shoes off at the door and take meticulous care of your carpets.Some people do that and make their guests do the same, but this isn’t Japan and by no means is it considered customary to do so, in fact, I’d say that it’s the opposite here in the US. And, America is the best and so is our carpet cleaning solutions, have you ever heard of chemdry? Well, if you haven’t then boy, are you in luck. Because, I’ve got all kinds of stuff to tell you that might change your life, heck, you might be so inspired after this little diatribe of mine that you decide to take a new direction in your life. You might decided that chemdry is so awesome, that you want to go out, get a loan and start a chemdry carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning business of your own, it’s that great.

I briefly mentioned earlier having a basis for comparison. Well, the chemdry cleaning solution compared to the traditional, shampoo and using excessive amounts of water cleaning method that has been around for decades, is the basis that I’m going to use. Chemdry uses a quarter of the water that that method uses on your upholstery and carpets, and they enlist the power of effervescence to lift and pull impurities to the surface, so they can be whisked away and flushed out of your life forever. The traditional shampoo and agitate method, uses so much water that it can leave your carpets and furniture damp for a couple days, and in humid environments, it can take even longer. This is can be dangerous because, like a lot of things, moisture that sits for too long can turn into mold and mildew, then you’re left with a bigger problem than you started with, all while trying to solve a problem. That would be ironic and unless you’re trying to be funny, irony is for the birds and is rarely productive. So, do yourself a favor and recognize that if you’re going to get some carpet or rug cleaning done, then you better just go ahead and do it right. There’s no reason to spin your wheels or debate about this one, chemdry is the way to go, this I am sure.


Massage training would be great for my girlfriend.

Growing up, one of the things that my family always put forth as being very important is exercise.  We did a lot of stuff outside and would always try to make sure that all of our time was accounted for so that we could get in the necessary exercise for the day.  Not a lot has changed in that respect for me.  While I may have moved out of the house and away from my parents, the importance of exercise is still high on my list of things to do on a daily basis.  I recently have started to do yoga with the Deon Thai Yoga centerand it’s been a great way for me to release any built up stress from the day. The thing that I like most about this yoga is that it allows for me to stretch out all parts of my spine and legs.

thai massage classesI play soccer on a weekly basis, usually on a Monday and Tuesday, and in doing so, I am taking some hard knocks.  I am a goalkeeper after all.  What the Thai yoga allows for me to do is stretch out all of the soreness from my muscles, so that I can hop back on the horse and keep on playing the sport that I love.  My favorite exercise is one where you go from a chair pose and then shoot back into plow.  I also really enjoy the exercise when you go from crow pose and you shoot your feet back so that you end up in plank position.  That is one that I have gotten much better at over the last several months.  Nevertheless, there is always room to improve and I think that I will need to focus on my inversions even more.  The Thai massage yoga is great for helping me maintain my flexibility. Through the exercise, I am able to fully lift up my body and adjust myself in the air, so that I can be fully attuned to the rigors of the exercise.  My hope in doing this is that I will be able to a handstand in no time.

I am certain that I will eventually be able to do it, but it has been some time since I have tried a handstand.  I will get to class on Thursday, sign up now, and be determined to get some good practice in. Alright, I have just signed up for a Power Vinyasa class and I am very excited to be able to perfect or rather improve what I have been working on for the past few months.  The other thing that I really want to do is to start focusing more on my massage training.  It would be great for my girlfriend because she would be able to experience all of the benefits of the practice. I am not sure how much a class like that would cost, but I have to imagine that it would not be too too bad for me to pick it up occasionally.


A testament on hardwood flooring from a clean-a-holic.

How you know what kind of flooring you should get in your home? There are so many options these days and there are so many ways you can cut corners when it comes to hardwood refinishingdecorating your home. However we don’t want to do too much of that and end up with cheap things that inevitably fall apart and cost more money and look more raggedy by the end of all things. I am going to go ahead and share with you from what I learned from a woman is a self-diagnosed clean-a-holic. That’s right, she is obsessed with keeping her home impeccably clean and she has three children, two dogs, and two cats. And one husband.

So what is her powerful piece of knowledge that she has shared with us about why hardwood flooring is the best way to go when decorating her home, you might ask? Is it that hardwood flooring is a historical part of our country’s history? Is it that hardwood flooring is extremely classy? Nay, the reason this young woman from Kansas shares with us that hardwood flooring is the best way to go when choosing flooring for your home is because hardwood flooring is the cleanest option and it is also because it is easy to do hardwood refinishing. Wow. That is certainly not something I had thought about before but once she started to detail it for me it made a lot of sense.

She started to talk about carpet. “Do you know how much stuff falls down into carpet? How much pet dander, dirt and allergens?” I shook my head because honestly it was not something I wanted to visualize much especially since I had laid on the carpet in my apartment earlier and when I say lay I mean my face to the floor kind of laying down after a long day at work. “Fair point,” I said to her as I uncomfortably crossed one leg over the other. But what else did she have to say on the matter? Quite a bit!

“You can only do so much with vacuuming,” she sighed with a look of dejection on her like she had battled carpet many times and lost. She explained that there are only super expensive vacuums that can get all of that dander out. “Don’t get me started on unsightly stains from muddy dog paws, red wine and finger paint!” I nodded in agreement because I too have had experience with those pesky combination of things on my carpet and it is not easy to get rid of those stains. She explained that with hardwood all you need to do is get a good cleaner and you can wipe up the dander, the dirt and the paint without a second thought while still leaving the floor looking good as new.

“Being someone who really needs the house extremely clean,” she laughed heartily at herself, “there really is no other option for my home than hardwood floors. They make all the difference in my work day and I suggest that anyone who wants a clean home invest in hardwood floor installation as soon as possible.”


Upholstery cleaners can save your couch.

I have only had a dog for a few days now and I already know that it is going to take a toll on just about all of the furniture that I own.  The dog has not been easy and I am actually kind of angry at my girlfriend that she wants to have 50% ownership over the dog and yet she does nothing to support the dog.  Nevertheless, I eventually will have to figure out a way to make sure that I can support all of my interests, while also taking care of the dog.  This is not an easy task and I hope to be able to do something like that soon.  My big hope is that the dog is very well trained and behaved and that I will be able to let the dog do her own thing in the future.

carpet cleanersRight now my roommate is playing the guitar and i feel like it is one of those concentration exercises where I have to perform as well as possible writing, despite all of the distractions.  Seriously dude, if I was going to be bugging you while you were trying to focus, I am sure that you would not appreciate it either.  Nevertheless, here we are and I have to figure out a good way to make this happen for me and I am getting closer to being done so that is a good thing as well.  Nevertheless, the point about me having a dog is a very good one to keep in mind.  It is important to recognize what you can control and what you can’t.  One of the things that I will not be able to control is her ability to jump on the furniture.  She is going to be a big girl, so I am going to have to save my furniture by hiring an upholstery cleaner.  I will have to do something similar for my carpet.

I have a couple of carpets in my apartment and they are acting like area rugs.  There is nothing special to them, but they definitely do bring the rooms together in the rooms in which they are located.  One of the things that I would be looking to do is to hire some carpet cleaners to come in once and awhile. My hope for that is that they will be able to fully clean all of the surfaces and deep clean a carpet that will be in need.  I know that I do not have the cleanest house and I think that I would like for it to be as clean as possible.  As a result, I would look to make sure that all of the carpets are looking nice and fresh.  Doing so would be vitally important.  I would also allow for me to eventually hire a tile cleaner for the bathroom.  That would be a big help and definitely make the place look all that much better.  Hopefully, I can do that sooner rather than later for my place.



Modworks Gives Your Business the Freedom of a Shared Coworking Space

shared office space

When I first had the idea of starting a software company, I found that there was going to be a great deal of work to be done in order to just get started in general.  Now, I wasn’t quite sure of all of the components and pieces that would be needed to start all of it, but I found that I had most of my ducks in a row whenever it came to officially registering as a business.  A few of my friends were also on board, and I knew that I could trust them with anything I needed.  Two of these friends were very dependable programmers, and their attention to detail was extremely meticulous, which is the perfect sign of a quality programmer.  Next, another friend was in charge of public relations and all of the promotional fields, as he has some of the best social skills amongst the lot of us.  As for myself, I like to consider my position that of “idea man,” as I implement a lot of the strategies and user interfaces for our line of software products.  Sure, I can do my fair share of programming and graphic design, but I trust those areas to my other friends and employees so I can dedicate more time to my brainstorming sessions.  While it might sound like we have it all together, there was a point in time where all of our work spaces were having a negative impact on our productivity, as all of us worked inside a home in cramped working spaces.  However, all of this changed for the better once we discovered Modworks.


We found that Modworks, a shared office space in the heart of Denver, Colorado, was going to be the best option for all of us.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and employees dearly, but I can only take so much of their programming chatter after a certain amount of time, if only because I need some form of solitude to crank out the masterful ideas of new software programs.  When I visited Modworks, I found that they would be more than able to accommodate our small development team, and that we weren’t going to be spending money on any extra space we didn’t need!  I was also very impressed with the fact that their 10,000 square foot coworking space was also completely modular, so we would be able to have a distinct separation from the programmers, public relations, and myself.  This gave the programmers the freedom to effectively stretch their working space out to fit their needs, and this also gave me the personal space I needed in order to cook up some new project ideas.  Even better, is that Modworks combines a practical, effective working space that has been utilized in offices over many years, in addition to the modern, contemporary shared coworking spaces that allowed for creative freedom and flexibility.  In the end, I found that this is exactly what my new company needed!  It definitely helped to get out of a shared space that doubled as our home, and now we are more productive than ever!



I am not one of those people who always talk about get rich quick schemes and so I don’t want you to get that idea. I am a level headed man, who knows that what really pays off in this life is hard, honest work, having said that, there is one thing today that may turn you into a millionaire, almost overnight. The thing I am talking about is called, self storage, and it revolutionized my life. What is it that makes this so different from all the other money making plays out there? Simple, everyone has storage rental needs and there is a gross shortage of storage in this country.  You might be part of the solution and you can start today.

How do you go about starting your own self storage renting business? Fist let’s talk about location. You need a part of the city that is not very central. People like to keep their unused items in areas where there are not high levels of traffic. This is a great advantage to you because it means that some of the areas in the city that are not desirable for building houses or having restraints maker perfect places for self storage units and in these parts of town, you can usually get a great deal on land. Ok, you bought your little plot of land, now let’s plant our seed.

If you are going to build the units yourself then it is important to remember that each unit represents a possible monthly possibility of wage earnings, you are going to want to build as many units as possible in the area that is available to you. A great option for a lot of people just starting out in the game is to build up. If you have fifteen rows of units and each row is twelve units high and each unit is rented out for around seventy dollars a month, well, you do the math.

Ok, you have your land and you built your units, what now? It is time to start cultivation the business image that is going to win you the most customers. Think simple and act big. Try painting the units in bright yellow colors; this will be like a free, 24 hour advertisement for your place. Today, more and more people use the internet, don’t be left out! Go online and see what the options are for online advertising. If you are not a computer person, you can pay a small amount to another company that will make a website for you. The third best option for storage rental advertising is highway billboards. It seems old fashioned but up till today it still brings in huge revenues. People leaving or coming into the city are going to see you ad and when do most people need storage rental services, when they are leaving or entering a city.

So if this sounds like it may be a great business for you then get to work! You might be the future owner of a business that makes you as rich as you ever dreamed.



Bella Donna Catering did a wonderful job at my wedding

When my current husband and I first got engaged we had envisioned having a very small and intimate wedding with close friends and family.  I wanted to have 40-50 people tops and keep it very simple.  This way we could focus on ourselves and turn it into a day that we really enjoy.  So many of the weddings I have gone to turn into events which are more for the friends and the family than for the bride and the groom, this was something that I was hoping to avoid.  We had over a year to plan for the big day.  We were in no big rush and I had just gotten a big promotion at work, so I wanted to really focus on my job before we got married.

Well, within a few months it became apparent that the small wedding we dreamed of, a small intimate gathering with our closest friends and family, would not be happening.  As we began to invite people, we realized that if we invited one person, there would be someone else we would have to invite.  We also began betting a lot of pressure from our families to invite other relatives or other friends of there’s.  Before we knew it, we were looking at over two hundred guests and we would need to think about looking into thinks like wedding caterers in Burbank, which is where we live, flower displays, a large enough venue, and all the other things that come along with planning a big wedding.

For me, wedding catering was a big deal.  My husband and I are both foodies and we had planned to spend a lot of our wedding budget on a really great meal.  This, of course, was when we planned for fifty people tops, now that we were looking at 200-250, we would need to rethink our plan for food for the wedding.  I was determined to still have a great, high quality meal, even with the 200-250 people.  We began doing our research and looking for high quality weeding caterers who would be able to provide us with great service for all of our guests at a reasonable cost.  I was so pleased when a good friend of mine introduced me to the lovely people at Bella Donna Catering.  When I first went to meet with them, I was a mess.  All of the wedding stress I had tried to avoid by planning a small wedding went out the window when the 150th RSVP came in.  They immediately calmed me down and assured me that they would be able to help me with the wedding.  I knew after leaving that day that I had found my wedding caterer!  I could not have been happier with the decision I made.  Not only did they prepare great food for our big day, but they took care of all of the small details and took a lot of work off of my plate.  They did a wonderful job and I would highly recommend them to others.


Self storage is great, but even better when it is heated.

There are many different options to choose from when you are looking into self storage options. Indeed, self storage has become a very lucrative and expansive business model across the country. With so many options to choose from, it is hard to know which options are going to be the best for you. There are a lot of choices and a lot of things to take into consideration. You can make the best choice by simply understanding the different options and knowing what each one means for your self storage options. Indeed, you will not go wrong picking a solid store with reasonable hours, but you know that you will be the very best service if you choose Federal Way Heated Self Storage in Federal Way, Washington. This self storage facility really has it all. They know what it means to run a self storage operation, and they work tirelessly to ensure that you are getting the highest quality service and the best value in your self storage selection. Federal Way Heated Self Storage is truly the place to go when you are selecting a self service storage location in Washington, and you know that when you pick their excellent facility, your possessions will be housed safely and securely, that is a guarantee!

One of the greatest aspects of Federal Way Heated Self Storage’s business model is their http://www.federalwayheatedselfstorage.com focus on customer service. They know that when it comes to serving the public, everyone has different needs that must be met. That is why their management team is so experienced. Together, they have over seventy eight years of experience in the heated self storage industry, so if you have any questions at all they truly know how to answer them. You do not have to worry; you will find the answers you need from this company! On top of their excellent customer service- indeed, the best in the heated self storage industry- the facilities available at Federal Way Heated Self Storage are unbeatable. As a company, they look to exceed your expectations in as many ways as possible. That is why their storage facility has just about every amenity you could hope for when finding a self storage facility for you. Their facility truly strives to- and succeeds!- in making your self storage experience easy and hassle free! There are storage units of various sizes and shapes as well as packaging and moving supplies available for you at their facility! They also have drive up units so that it is easier for you to load and unload your things, and they even have space for you to park an RV or a boat! With so many options, you are certain to find something that fits your needs at Federal Way Heated Self Storage. They also value customer service at Federal Way Heated Self Storage as part of their commitment to customer service. They use the highest level of technology to monitor your belongings so that you do not have to worry. Make the easy choice and go to Federal Heated Self Storage for all your self storage needs.