You Tried To What? Residential Locksmith Rescue

             One quiet afternoon at work, with four more hours before I am supposed to be heading home for the day, I receive a text from my oldest daughter. It reads, with infuriating brevity and lack of context:

Home from school. Locked out. Stuck on roof.

I take a moment before I answer. Breathe. Try to think of exactly how those first two things might lead to the third. We had been talking about the need for a set of spare keys hidden somewhere for just this situation, but it was a new house and we simply hadn’t gotten around to it. So her being locked out (with my other two children, I assumed. Oh, god, hopefully they weren’t stuck on the roof as well. How did she even get up there?) wasn’t that unusual. Just. Why was she on the roof? The mind boggles.

Why are you on the roof? What does that have to do with being locked out?

Priorities, I reasoned. The locked out bit could wait at this point. Or so I assumed. The next text from my daughter quickly corrected that obvious and grievous mistake.


Total evasion of the questions I had asked, I noted. Total evasion. Although now I knew that the rest of the kids were with her. Well, I couldn’t be leaving work, not for the third time this week, so it’d have to be a locksmith. One I trusted with my two teenaged daughters and son in middle school… this was going to be difficult.

Are the other kids on the roof with you? How did you even get up there?

I texted her back, unwilling to give up the whole stuck-on-roof issue. This is the important part. Entirely willing to give her a taste of her own medicine, I ignored her quip about the sun. My oldest daughter, you see, has this aversion to direct beams of sunlight for any period of time. Kind of like a vampire, actually. She stays up all night, I know, despite her continual denial of staying up, and while she doesn’t drink blood, I think she worked out some deal where she could replace blood with chocolate. Yes, my oldest daughter is a vampire. No other way about it. I sighed. Probably would have to call some kind of residential locksmith—they’d probably have more experience with dealing with frustrated vampire girls. My phone buzzed subtly—the perfect buzz, really—and my daughter finally gave it up.

Thought I’d left my window unlocked, she texted sullenly (yes, it was sullen, I could tell, I’m a mother), so I moved the soccer net over to the side of the house, turned it up on its side, and climbed up the netting until I could swing up onto the roof. Turns out, not unlocked.

Wow. So many things wrong with that. How had I failed as a parent? (Having said that, wow, that’s actually pretty creative and kind of cool and—totally not safe at all, how dare she. Ahem.) Motherly need to know just why her daughter was on the roof (and, really, this entire exchange took about a minute. Phones these days, man), I did a quick search of emergency locksmiths in the area and sent one post-haste to my house to let my probably slightly smoking daughter (well, at this point, she’d been in direct sunlight for what, ten minutes?) and two other children inside for video games and snacks and hastily-finished homework to cover their tails before I got home. Sneaky little darlings.


Get rid of pet urine easily

The removal of pet related wastes can be a trial to deal with. Indeed pet urine removal is often one of the trickiest tasks that pet owners and carpet owners alike must tackle. The hardest part of pet related wastes and urine is that it often seeps further down into the carpet than pet owners realize. This means that pet owners may try to clear up the mess on their own and just end up with a bigger problem in the long run, as they imagine that they have solved the problem when, in reality, the pet waste just sits below the surface of the carpet festering and causing the whole carpet to smell. This is simply unacceptable, and exactly why it is important to bring in a professional when your pet urinates in your home. Do not wait until the problem is too big for you to handle. Call Winfrey Chem-Dry today to solve your pet related carpet cleaning problems with their revolutionary pet waste removal treatment system.

Winfrey Chem-Dry has taken the removal of pet related wastes from the home to the next level. They do so through a revolutionary treatment called Pet Urine Removal Treatment, or “P.U.R.T.” This system is based on a revolutionary product that is designed specifically to get rid of the smells associated with pet urine. The product has proven itself to be effective against the worst of pet odors. As we have identified, urine in your carpeting is not a simple problem that is solved by vinegar, water, and some strong elbow grease. It is not about how hard your work to get rid of the stench, it is about the viability of the product that you use to make that happen.

First, it is important to understand why the removal of pet urine can be such a tricky thing to attack. The reason why eliminating pet urine and the odors related to it can be so tricky is because urine that is deposited on the carpet does not simply stay on the surface of the carpet. The urine penetrates the fibers in the carpet and even the floorboards and other material used in flooring below the carpet. Indeed, the smell of urine can often permeate throughout the carpet down to the floor, meaning that the smell will become increasingly overpowering as the odor spreads.

http://www.chemdrydesmoines.comThat is why Chem-Dry’s Pet Urine Removal Treatment is such an important treatment method to use when getting rid of the smell of pet urine in your carpets. The Pet Urine Removal Treatment is a simple process. The first step is in determining the source of the odor as well as the severity of the smell. The carpet is first rinsed as well as extracted using hot carbonated water to remove the majority of the crystals that are continuing to cause the carpet to smell. After this first step, the carpet may be pulled back and further damage inspected if need be. Chem-Dry will remove and replace all affected areas and add an odor blocking shellac as the final step if necessary. Do not wait! Call Winfrey Chem Dry for your pet urine related carpet cleaning needs!


Get your restaurant noticed with online marketing

restaurant seo

One day while going over my marketing strategy for my restaurant I had a lightbulb moment. I have been spending a lot of time and money trying to promote my restaurant and all of the typical traditional ways. I would set up a sample table at street fairs, mail out fliers, mail out menus and I even paid for a few radio ads. All of these efforts helped to generate just a small amount of interest in the restaurant and I knew something else had to be done. My lightbulb moment came when I made the connection between how I shop for everything in my personal life and why I feel it is more convenient. Perhaps I should rewind for a second. Period.

When you want to purchase a new song, how do you do it? Chances are you go online and just downloaded it, right? If you want to get specifics on a new shelving unit for your house, how do you go about that? Once again the answer seems obvious that people will just go online to get their information. The more and more I thought about it I knew exactly how to promote my restaurant. Web design has become an increasingly important part of our daily lives and it is something that can attract customers and clients. And intuitively designed restaurant website cannot only convey that your restaurant or store is well run but it is also extremely easy and helpful for customers to use. So, it would seem like a logical conclusion that increasing our visibility online would help our restaurant greatly. My colleagues argued that we already had a website and that it wasn’t doing much to drive business through the door but then I pointed out that nobody was directing anyone to the site. What good does a website do if nobody knows about it?

Just a day after I had this conversation with my partner we called up the restaurant marketing Gurus was because we heard they were the best at marketing restaurants. They have a comprehensive approach to online marketing that covers all aspects of social media and advertising. By giving you maximum exposure in the areas of online marketing that you need most, this marketing firm can give you an instant reputation and make your name known. The first way they are able to increase your visibility online is by producing and publishing several SEO articles for you. Restaurant SEO articles are geared towards promoting and highlighting your business so that your search results are on the first page. Once this is complete more and more people will be directed to your website and intern to your restaurant. The plans they offer are affordable and carefully created to meet your specific goals. By focusing on analytics and reporting this restaurant marketing firm is able to report back to you what is working and what is not. From there you can choose to allocate your money anyway you see fit and anyway that is best for your restaurant.

What JCK Las Vegas is all about

JCK Las Vegas is the annual show of jewelers as it pertains to diamonds. Many of the top dealers love to be at this show. It’s the top attraction for many jewelers and being able to see the new standards that can be shown at such conventions. Convention of all types can bring together some industries finest it’s a great place for any vendor to be able to go and show off their stuff. Many Times it can be a great way to introduce the newest things in the industry. When you want the best of diamonds you need to know what current certifications and developments are taking place. This way is why can be so important for many people to attend such events. Being at the forefront of your industry to matter what it is is always important. When it comes to diamonds being able to be knowledgeable of what is going on in industry is no different. Yes diamond typically don’t change over time and hold their value but being able to know what different qualifications and certifications exist for diamonds as it pertains to jewelers can be very important. Certification is always one of the top topics of many events like this. Being able to have the most set standards in the industry and certifications helps to allow for equality amongst the diamonds. Because opinions vary so much it’s important to have strict guidelines as it pertains to diamonds to ensure that proper values are being bought and sold. Trying to use two different types of certifications to buy and so diamonds can be confusing to many. Many people choose to go with GIA certified diamonds to ensure they’re giving exactly what they are looking for purchased of diamonds. But because certifications can be different it’s important to stay knowledgeable in the industry of what certifications may mean to certain things.http://www.middiamonds.com Color cut and clarity are often times the known important factors about the time. To be able to ensure that you’re getting the proper diamond means that you need to be able to trust how it is certified. Because of the shows there are able to relate to one another and always come to a better understanding of what these mean. Understanding diamonds for jewelers is an important part of the field. In order to be able to sell properly they need to know the entire knowledge about proper certifications in their industry. Following your industries very important certifications often are key to ensuring the well-being of diamonds. Being able to have been certified in GIA certified diamonds may not be the same as having an HRD certified diamond being able to know the difference will help you stay at the top of the industry to determine what you actually have when it comes to diamonds. Knowledge is power and money so when you’re working in the diamond industry or just purchasing diamond for yourself it is extremely important to know your facts of what the differences are between certified and uncertified differences.


Advantages of Hiring a Catering Company

Why do you need to hire a catering service? If you are planning on throwing a party or hosting an event that no one forgets, then you should get a professional catering company. While you can cook and prepare all the necessities for the party, there are a number of advantages to having these details taken cared for by experts.

One of the most obvious reasons is that this frees up your calendar and allows you to focus on planning the event itself. Planning is exhausting and you have a lot to think about, from the food choices to the venue, to coordinating with party suppliers, inviting the guests, and ensuring that the guests are entertained during the entirety of your event. Delegating the meals to an experienced catering caterer will save you one less need to think about and you can use this extra energy to polish your plans.

catering caterer

catering set-up

Not only will you be exhausted with the planning but the implementing of the event itself. Events can run from as short as an hour to a whole day affair. You can go about with hosting duties without having to worry if your guests have food on time. Your catering company will be responsible for everything relating to feeding your guests.

Another advantage of hiring a catering services provider with years of experience is that you are sure that they will give you good food. Food is one of the most important factors that make or break an event, which is why you should hire a catering company that can provide your guests with the best tasting food. If the guests are not satisfied with the food served during your party, this will leave a bad taste on their mouth and you’ll probably end up as the infamous person who threw a party that made everybody throw up.

Serving great-tasting food is also a way of saying thank you to your guests for attending your event. Ask your catering company to provide a taste-test prior to booking a final menu in order to make sure that your gratefulness is well-received by your guests’ stomachs.

In addition to the taste, catering companies abide by the food safety standards set by the Food and Drug Administration, which is another advantage to hiring a catering caterer. You don’t have to second-guess the food because they comply with regulations.

Another benefit to hiring a company is that you do not have to worry about who will serve your guests their food. A catering services company employs staff that are trained to provide efficient services during events. Not only are they taught courtesy and excellent customer service, but they also look more decent with their uniforms. Most companies have their wait staff wear uniforms that match the occasions of their clients, which make them pleasing to look at.

While the costs of hiring professionals can be a deterrent for many, you can always find a good catering company with affordable packages. Spending a limited budget does not mean you have to compromise the quality of the food you serve your guests. You can canvas caterers within your region and request for quotes. Once you’ve found a prospective catering caterer, you can talk to them and negotiate your budget with your plans.


All-Inclusive Cruise Package Has Something For Every Member Of The Family

It was that time of year again. My husband and I were both ready for a vacation, and our kids’ school year was quickly coming to an end. It was time to plan our next family vacation, but this year we were drawing a blank. We had gone to Disney World the previous year, which was great for the kids but not nearly as entertaining for me and Kyle. This year we wanted to do something that the whole family would enjoy without being too specifically focused on the kids. But we did not even know where to begin planning something like that.

A beach trip did seem like the most obvious solution. We could rent an apartment or a house in a warm climate for a week and relax by the beach, but nothing seemed quite right. Inevitably we would have to plan lots of activities to keep the kids occupied and entertained, and we would have to continue to eat at kid friendly restaurants the whole time. We had nearly resigned ourselves to another kid type vacation when a friend suggested a Regent all-inclusive cruise package. We were skeptical immediately, but she went on to explain in more detail. She had taken her family on one of their all-inclusive luxury cruises in the Mediterranean the previous year, and they had all had a blast. The kids played in the pool, went to day care, and did lots of other activities supervised by staff on the boat. They had their own little suite off of their parents’ room, and all of the restaurants were both fine dining and kid friendly.

We were shocked. How had we not come across this option before? It might be expensive, but there was no telling that it was really going to cost much more than a regular vacation would have, once you added in all of the transportation, meals, and activities we would have planned and paid for on our own. The all-inclusive cruise package seemed to make perfect sense, and as long as the kids would have enough to do, we would be able to relax and see the sights, which is exactly what we wanted to do. Once we had paid for the trip we would not have to worry about incurring additional expenses, and we would still get to do some of the dancing and fine dining that we wanted to do.

We were thrilled, and went ahead and booked a Caribbean cruise for us and the kids for the end of the summer. We decided to surprise them with it as a back to school gift, but we had trouble keeping our excitement to ourselves. Finally as we got closer to it, we surprised them. They were excited, but did not totally understand what a cruise was until we actually got the port. They were in awe of the size of the ship, and could not wait to get started. We all had a great time, and we each got everything we wanted out of a vacation. We will definitely be doing this one again.

regent all-inclusive cruise


Why Hunter Douglass Blinds and Shades Are the Right Choice

        For the longest time, I’ve had trouble finding the right kind of quality blinds for my household.  I first bought a set from a big box chain that was a twenty minute drive away from where I lived.  I bought the cheapest set I could find, because I figured, “Why spend more money on something as simple as blinds?”  Boy, was I ever wrong!  I found that quality definitely counts when it comes to investing to any household good, which also includes all kinds of shades and blinds.  When I got home from the big box chain, the real fun started.  I was spending countless hours trying to install these new blinds for my windows, and nothing was going right for me!  I even had my spouse try and help with the installation, but the build quality of the blinds were so poor that we just had to give up!  We went back to the big box store to return our blinds, and we were left clueless as to where to go next.  Thankfully, we spotted a Hunter Douglass Blinds  gallery, and my spouse and I both figured it would be a worth a shot to check it out.  Let me tell you, we were both glad we did!

We were both greeted by a friendly customer service representative, and were instantly welcomed and comforted by simply being in the store!  The representative made to sure listen to all of our needs for new blinds to be installed in our house, and he was also polite enough to listen to our complaints about the cheap store bought set from the big box chain.  After airing our grief about our previous experience, we were both happy to find that Hunter Douglass offers a wide variety of blinds and shades in their store.  During our visit, we found that the perfect set to go with our home, and the customer service representative was happy in assisting us an in home consultation to measure each window in our house.  It was such a relief to know that each set of blinds would be custom made and measured to get that perfect fit in our windows!

When the time came to install, we were greeted by many professional installers.  They were extremely efficient in their installation, and we found that they were done much quicker than we expected!  It was definitely a smoother job than my spouse and I had attempted with installing the previous set on our own, that much is for sure.  After our custom made blinds were installed, we were also notified that if we were not pleased with them in the span of 21 days, we had the option to exchange our blinds with another customer Hunter Douglass set of equal or lesser value.  It has been well over 21 days, so you can tell that we are extremely satisfied with our purchase.  The new blinds installed in our home certainly bring all of the rooms together in a cohesive, elegant style, so we highly recommend shopping at Hunter Douglass.


Colorado’s best radon mitigation company

radon reduction

We have all use the phrase “out with the bad, in with the good.”. We often uses “when referring to putting good food in our body or in general purifying something. Ever since calling S. W. A. T environmental to get rid of the radon gas in our house, I no use that term to describe the airflow in my home.

If you’re like me you maybe thinking “what is radon?” And somehow I feel that I am not alone. When asked, many people are unaware of what radon gas is and where it can be found. This means they have probably not. Their house to detect or get rid of radon gas, which can be harmful. I felt compelled to write this blog because radon can be a very harmful gas and can actually cause great health risks.
Radon is a naturally occurring noble gas. It is odorless, colorless and tasteless so you would not notice it around you. What you will notice is it becoming harder to breathe and you may become ill more often. Radon builds up and can be a very heavy gas in your lungs which can cause lung cancer. In order to avoid this terrible fate it’s important for residents of Colorado to call this environmental agency and ask about the radon remediation programs.
Radon is a relatively heavy gas so you can expect it to build up places like basements and crawlspaces. If you own a home that is older you should call us. W. A. T environmental to order a radon testing kit. They will rush it to your home so you can do some preliminary testing of radon levels in your basement. If the levels are high it is recommended that you act immediately and call the professionals to come out and help. Call Colorado’s radon mitigation leader S.W.A.T and they will perform a complete home diagnostic check. By inspecting every room in the house and using sophisticated equipment to determine how the air flows through each room, they can set up a system of fans and vents that will trap rate on gases and expel them from your house. By collecting the radon gas is at their heaviest point, down in the basement, and transporting it through some tubing up through the roof it will be something you will never notice or ever have to worry about.
How will they know where to find the radon gas? There are several tests such as the colored smoke test or the soil communication test which will determine how radon is entering your home. Discovering the entry point of radon gas is essential for any one trying to eliminate it. You don’t want to risk exposure of radon gas any longer than you have to so be sure to act quickly and call them. They are Denver’s best radon reduction company with over 25 years experience. They’ve installed over 50,000 units across the country and retrofitting your house with the unit will not be a problem.

Autologous Cells Are the Future of Medicine

For as long as doctors have known about stem cells, there have been whispers of having finally uncovered the Holy Grail of medicine; the cure for all known diseases, the cure to aging itself. So a cure to aging is not really in the cards for the foreseeable future, and a cure for all known diseases might be a bit overoptimistic in today’s world of fast-evolving and mutating flu strains and infinite number of types of cancer. But they still offer something very important: hope, and, more importantly, a solid starting block for research that may prove to be the key to making currently incurable diseases such as Alzheimer’s or chronic diseases such as diabetes something easily treatable by future doctors.

The primary focus of many research studies is centered on the development of viable autologous cell development, that is, where they grow all needed cells and tissues from a patient’s own stem cells. The possibilities are limited only by human ingenuity.  These cells could be used in testing phases of drugs to show how the drug interacts with different types of people’s DNA on a cellular level in a highly specific manner, or to show how well a specific person may respond to an already existing treatment without having the subject the person themselves to months or years of stressful and invasive trial-and-error style treatment, as may be the case in many of the current chronic, incurable diseases. These stem cells’ regenerative abilities could be harnessed to grow new organs; you could even grow entire sets of organs if you wanted, and just replace the patient’s organs as they succumbed to disease or age. Or the organs could be used to test how certain treatments or drugs interact with specific systems of the body, with no worry about harming the overall person. Testing possibilities are limitless; treatment possibilities are very real and very inspiring to the newest generation of researchers and doctors who hope to see the technology make the same leaps and bounds that computer technology has made in the last decade.

If this newest wave of research into stem cells (no longer focused around fetal stem cells; the medical community as a whole has decided that while that is where it all began, it no longer a necessary part of the process at all, for those of you who are concerned about the ethics of this research being done) extracted from an adult patient’s own tissue proves to be as positive and effective as researchers are projecting that it will be, there is the very real possibility that we will be well on our way to the road that leads to a world without untreatable diseases or many of the harsher effects that aging has on the human body. And given the ability to grow and replace anyone’s vital organs on demand, no one will ever have to wait with bated breath by a loved one’s hospital bed to hear whether or not they have made it onto a transplant list, nor have to deal with the often fatal consequences for being less than very first in line for a new lung, or heart, or bone marrow transplant.


You can heal from water damage.

Water is a very powerful element ranging from disastrous hurricanes and flooding to the very essence of our being. Water can cause a lot of damage certainly and yet we need to drink water every day to survive, and lots of it. In fact, we are running out of fresh water all over the place and it is causing us humans to figure out other ways to live in terms of how we allocate our resources and also other ways to get them. There are a lot of huge issues surrounding our water problems! And what about flooding and natural disasters? We know the aftermath of one something awful like flooding can be tragic as obviously the experience in and of itself. And when we are overwhelmed by the wake of a tragedy we need support in a big way. Even if something tragic you’ve experienced in a smaller flood, you still will need to have some support in healing and recovering after such an incident.

That is where water damage restoration companies come in to play. Companies such as Restoration Eze are an incredible resource for individuals who need help cleaning up after an incident that has damaged their home. Restoration Eze is a twenty-four seven company that helps individuals care for their home after water has damaged it. They have been around for decades and are proud to say they have companies throughout the nation, coast to coast, to better serve the American people in any way they can. You can call then any time, day or night and they will be happy to come out and help you dry up that water as soon as possible to minimize the damage. They are a company of integrity and make sure that they are hiring and employing the best individuals possible by having regular drug testing and also have initial background checks done. They do this to ensure that you have the safest people coming into your home.

Flooding can be extremely devastating and Restoration Eze knows this. That is why they can help you in a timely manner get your home back to you. Healing can happen and Restoration Eze is set on helping you, your family and your home can heal as quickly as possible. They have extensive experience in the water damage restoration field and are happy to offer their services to you. They are extremely convenient with their number in large numbers on their website and of course the word of mouth that shouts their praises. Being a big company, they will be able to help people on a larger scale than other companies, particularly if a neighborhood is hit by flooding.

Knowing there are so many issues surrounding water be it there is too much or too little, you can rest easy knowing healing is possible when surviving any sort of flooding or damaging water experiences. Restoration Eze is willing to help and here for you and your family if ever you should need them. They may not be able to offer the world more fresh water, but they can certainly help you clean up your unwanted water. water damage


As A Fire Victim, I Needed Plastic Surgery To Help Me Recover Physically And Emotionally

When I was in my twenties, I lived in an apartment complex that burned to the ground. I lost all of my belongings, but I also nearly lost my life when I did not wake up in spite of the fire alarms outside. I do not remember much of that night, but the firefighters who saved my life have my eternal gratitude. I still regularly stop by the fire station, years later, to drop off food and baked goods for the ones who still work there.

Following the fire, I spent several weeks recovering in the hospital’s burn unit. I had second degree burns covering most of my body, and a few spots of third degree burns. The damage done was severe, although there were a few spots that survived okay. Unfortunately, my self esteem also took a huge hit. The first time I saw myself in the mirror after the accident I did not believe it. I literally could not understand that the person staring back at me was, in fact, me. When I finally realized it I cried for hours. I was in pain, and happy to be alive, but I had several moments where I doubted whether I wanted to live looking like that.

My doctors were sympathetic, though, and encouraged me repeatedly to keep on working hard to recover. Between physical therapy and the painful procedures that would remove dead tissue and try to minimize scarring, I barely had any time to think about it. The promise at the end of the recovery road was that cosmetic surgery was always an option and it would have a big impact. I would not look exactly like I used to, but I would not have to live the rest of my life looking like the burn victim that I had become. As someone who had always scoffed at the idea of plastic surgery, I suddenly found myself more glad than ever that it existed as an option for me, and I could not wait to take advantage of it.

Because the recovery process had to get underway before I could actually undergo plastic surgery, there were many weeks, months in fact, where I refused to look at myself in the mirror. Eventually, though, I was ready to have the first of many cosmetic surgeries that would help repair the damage not just to my face but to various parts of my body where my skin had undergone significant damage. Some of it would be grafted from the parts of my skin that remained healthy, and some of it would be grafted from family members. Recovering from that fire, mentally and physically, took years of painful surgeries, what felt like thousands of hours of therapy, and several months in the hospital. I am so grateful to still be alive, and I celebrate that fact every day. And as often as possible, I go down to the fire station house to thank the firefighters and remind them that they are truly lifesavers.

plastic surgery


Online Data Management Software for your Business

Are you considering an online data management system for your business? If so, you’re probably stuck in the old ways of using spreadsheets, relying on memory,  keeping hard copies of documents, using your email to store your contacts.  These systems are not only out of date, but they are time consuming and bad for today’s fast paced business world.  As technology continues to create new and efficient tools for businesses, the way many businesses operate is transforming.  Things are done more quickly, and customers expect a fast paced and high quality level of service.  If your business has not yet embraced technology to help you grow and thrive, you may be quickly falling behind.

Online CRM’s are web-based programs that are designed to help business efficiently manage tasks, store materials, and carry out campaigns.  The benefits of using an online CRM for your business are vast, and are quickly outlined below.

  • Simplify your marketing efforts: With an online database, your marketing team will be able to keep track of leads, store and manage contact lists online, and easily conduct campaigns.  The ability to create and maintain multiple marketing lists will make it easy to target specific sectors with specific messages.  Marketing personal can effortlessly carry out marketing campaigns, send out newsletters, and track leads
  • Increase sales: with all of your companies contacts stored in an easily accessible web-based application, your sales team will be able to easily track their leads, conduct follow ups, and retrieve important information on possible sales leads.
  • Provide excellent customer support: CRM stands for Customer Relations Management.  Your online CRM is optimized to help your business provide top notch service to your customers.
  • Simplify project management: Online project management tools allow for project managers and supervisors to effortlessly manage their projects.  Not only can you set goals and track the success of projects, but can easily assign tasks to certain departments or team members, watch as a project grows, and view metrics on success.  Easily measure your success towards a goal using an online CRM service.
  • Integrate sales and marketing: There is often a disconnect between a company’s sales and marketing team.  With online project management software, bridge this divide by allowing your team to access and visualize each others projects.  The sales team can view the marketing projects and vice versa.  Also, employees from different departments can communicate with each other and share important information.
  • Access your information anytime, anywhere: Online CRM’s are could based, meaning that they are accessible from anywhere at anytime.  Cloud based systems require an internet connection and log in information.  They can be accessed while traveling, or on a smart phone or tablet.

What are you waiting for? If all of these benefits aren’t enough to convince you that your company can benefit from an online CRM, do some more research to learn how online data management software is revolutionizing all different types of businesses.  By getting your company set up using an online CRM, you will ensure that you are staying up to date on the newest technology, and meeting the demands of customers who expect businesses to be abreast on the latest technologies.


Replacing your Roof This Spring

Last fall, my husband and I purchased our first home.  We have always rented homes, and we decided we wanted to buy an older home as a ‘fixer upper’ to really make it feel like our own.  Unfortunately, the house we bought has been a lot more work then we bargained for.

We first noticed that our roof needed repair after experiencing our first storm in our new home.  Following an evening of torrential rains, we noticed that there were some streaks down the walls in our bathroom.  We shoved the problem aside, at the time we had what we thought were more pressing things like getting the refrigerator and stove running so we could begin to cook for ourselves and eat! We should have seen the signs and addressed the problem right away but we decided to wait. Unfortunately, the following week we experienced another storm with heavy rain and strong winds.  This time, the damage was even worse and it was clear that this was a problem that could no longer be ignored.  There was water clearly coming in through cracks in the roof and it was leaking into our bathroom, and now into the adjoining office. We also noticed some dark spots on the ceiling in our bedroom and closet. It was immediately clear that we would have to get our roof repaired right away.

The next morning, we dove right into research roofers in our area.  We live in Colorado and we were overwhelmed by the number of roofing companies out there and were not sure how to make the right decision.  Fortunately, we had contacted a friend in the construction business who recommended a great local roofing company.  A soon as we contacted JK roofing, we knew we were in good hands.  The professionals at JK roofing were in touch with us very quickly after we requested a quote, and were genuinely concerned about our roof and getting it fixed as quickly as possible.  After an initial inspection, it became clear that we would need to replace our whole roof; this time the damage had been isolated, but the roof itself was in very poor shape, and it was only a matter of time before there was more damage.  They were especially concerned about mold growing from constant moisture after rains.  Fortunately, mold was not yet a problem, but it could have become one if we had not addressed the problem of our leaking roof quickly.

The roofers worked with my husband and I to stay within our budget, and pick out the right materials to make our new roof look great.  I was very concerned about adding another project to our long list of home repairs, especially because I imagined that replacing a roof would be extremely messy and seriously interrupt our lives, however I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they worked and replaced our roof.  Now, thanks to JK roofing, we have a beautiful new roof for our new home and we do not need to worry about expensive roofing emergencies in the future.  And an added bonus, the new roof will boost the value of our home, so if we do decide to sell it, we can now add a new roof to the list of great qualities to our home.


Invisalign Braces Won’t Tell

Let’s be honest. Having braces is not always peaches and cream. Cosmetic dentistry can be a great way to improve your look and get a beautiful smile to go along with healthy teeth. But there are some bumps along the way. Braces can be a little uncomfortable. The standard model of braces, which are those brackets that are connected by a piece of wire, are prone to scratching and scraping your gums and mouth. These scratches and scrapes, being on the inside of your mouth where there are lots of bacteria and germs, are more susceptible to forming as sores. On another topic, braces are not always the most attractive apparatus that you can strap to your face. People do lots of little things to enhance the look and doctor it up, but nothing is ideal. Braces are an important part of getting straight, symmetrical teeth, which are both beautiful and healthy. But braces can sometimes be a bit annoying.


These challenges, however, can be avoided if you find the right Highlands dentist. There are options now for people that want to have the benefits of orthodontics but want to avoid these kinds of pains. The answer is invisalign. Invisalign are invisible braces. They are barely noticeable. They will not stick out in a crowd like those colorful and protruding braces can. Instead, no one at school or the office will even notice them. This is a great reason to get them for adults or for teens. Some of us forget how socially demanding high school and middle school was. The last thing that a kid wants is another reason to stick out. Invisalign helps this by masking the fact that the kid is wearing braces. Braces can be a stigma for adults, too. They can signify adolescence, which may be something that you want to avoid if you are trying to establish yourself in the office. Of course, they should not be associated with kids. Lots of adults get braces, and many adults need braces that do not get them. But often times, they do not get them because they think that they would be embarrassed. Invisalign braces remove any possibility for embarrassment as no one will even notice them.

There are other benefits, too. One of them is the comfort that they offer. They are not going to be totally free of pain. That is just part of it with braces. Braces bend your teeth back into their proper location. That is just the deal. But the thing that you can avoid is the aforementioned scraping and scratching. Invisalign braces do not have those brackets, which protrude and scrape your mouth. Instead, they are more like a very thin mouth guard. This model lays neatly against the teeth without causing any discomfort.

cosmetic dentistry

Invisalign braces are excellent for a number of different people because they are unable to be seen, have looser restrictions on diet, do not cause pain by scratching the mouth, and they offer the same great orthodontics benefits that the traditional models of braces do.


A Gutter Machine Can Be Eco-Friendly

With environmental concerns becoming more and more pressing as the days go by, these environmental demands are prompting people to come up with interesting alternatives to familiar problems. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. And as people are becoming aware of the extent to which our interactions with the planet are damaging, people are coming up with better ways of tweaking and adjusting our old habits. One way that people can help the environment is by installing your gutters in a particular way. Gutter machines are the industrial machines used to install roofing and gutter to buildings that are harder to reach. This is often large projects or, more commonly, metal roofs. There are lots of benefits to metal roofs, and one is that you have more ability to customize your gutters. So what does a gutter machine have to do with the environment? Consider what the point of a gutter is. When the rains come down, you do not want the storm water to just run over the side of the building. There is greater chance of water damage. The sides of the building are not water proofed in the same way that the roof is. So the gutter traps all of that water before it goes over the sides of the buildings. Where does that water then go? Well, it is channeled over to the downspouts. This is where the rubber meets the road. The downspout is usually just pointed out into the street. It either goes off onto the road or down some storm water hole in the road. But it does not have to. With customized gutters from a gutter machine company, you could redirect that water wherever you think that it is best. Some people have had the very creative idea to pipe water into storage buckets. This water can then be stored until drier times. In a place like Denver, water preservation is a big deal. To think that there is all that water during a storm that is lost just down the drain in the street makes one want to invest in a seamless gutter machine. Lots of water can be saved and used for different purposes. Another reason that seamless gutter machines can be helpful for the environment is not just that the water is put into storage bins, but because of where the water is not going. When storm water rolls along the road, it picks up all of the oils and dirt that have come off of cars. Any little drip of oil that your car looses is then picked up by storm water. Then that water goes down into the drain. Where does the water then go? It usually goes into a river. So all of that water that is now packed full of dirt and oil, but it goes down into the river. By redirecting your gutter water before it hits the road, you can do your part to help the environment by hiring a gutter machine that allows you to customize your roof.

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Adult novelty gifts lighten up the party

I don’t know of any gifts that can be a great way to lighten up many adult party then some adult novelty gifts. When it comes to a bachelor or bachelorette party you can bring some pretty funny adult novelty gifts to really lighten up the party.  I remember even at my own bachelor party that having some of these gifts brought were some of the funniest and greatest moments at the bachelor party. Although everybody had a good time it was these gifts that really lightened up the atmosphere. Today there are many women who enjoy the setting that a sex toy party can bring to hang out with some friends.  In fact they can be a great way for some women to earn some extra money by throwing these kinds of parties. They have become quite popular and are a great way for somebody who is getting married to see a new side of things.  Often times at a party like these there are different types of sex toys that are brought for people to see you may have never seen one before. Different types of vibrators can be used to enhance a couple’s relationship. It may be a great way for many people to loosen up around these types of items and provide some conversation that can enlighten everybody.  VibratorsWomen especially enjoyed these types of things and are more likely to open up in conversation when going to a sex toy party. They are beneficial for all involved and can be a great way to hear some personalized experiences.  For years many men and women were uncomfortable talking about sex amongst other people. Many men women were left in the dark as to how to make certain things work when there were problems and issues. Sex toy parties can be a great way to open up the conversation and let people realize that their options out there that can help the relationship thrive. Learning about these things in a tasteful setting can be a great way to go when hanging out with the girlfriends and having a good time. And with a place like tasteful treasures you can find all your vibrators, lingerie, and adult novelty gifts that you may be looking for without going into an uncomfortable situation. Being able to order these items privately online also helps to ensure that your privacy is respected. If you were interested in a sex toy party consult you can find a local consultant near you that will be able to set up a party for you and your friends. Your party consultant and you will decide what you want and don’t want at the party and will be able to provide a party experience that you will feel comfortable with and enjoy. You might find that there is a lot of useful information and items that can really help you in your relationship. You may even decide to be a consultant yourself when you realize how fun and inviting it can be to have these parties.


Wood flooring is better than carpet

When my wife and I recently bought our house, I always intended to install wood flooring.  I have always been a fan of hard wood floors.  I just like how they feel underneath my feet.  I also happen to hate carpet.  I think of carpet as a dirty sponges that sucks up all of the nastiness that dirty shoes bring into the house.  Hard wood floors are easy to clean.  Whereas carpet never seems to get clean at all.  The house that we bought was being sold by a bank because it had been foreclosed on.  The old house was in pretty bad condition.  I didn’t get to spend enough time in it before we bought it to get a sense of what kind of work it was going to take in order to make it nice.  But, I knew that it was going to be a fixer upper.  The price was pretty low and our real estate agent told us that if we liked it, then we needed to put an offer on it that day.  So we did.  A month later, when we closed, I walked around trying to get an idea as to what it would take to make the place livable.  The first thing that had to go was the old dirty carpets.  I was curious about what was underneath the carpet so I pulled up a corner and discovered that the carpets were installed over wood flooring.  I was ecstatic.  I thought that the age of the house was new enough that the builders would have used a subfloor of plywood and thrown carpet on top of it.  Instead, the builders had installed a beautiful hard wood floor.  I had intended on installing one myself eventually.  But, since the hard wood was already there, I decided that ripping up the carpet would be the first thing I did.  I was very happy to learn that the floor was in great shape.  There were a gouges, but nothing that would make it look bad.  I happen to prefer wood that has been distressed.  We ended up being able to move into the house much sooner than we initially thought.  I was excited to find that many of the things that I thought were going to be trouble ended up being easy fixes.  There was linoleum in the kitchen and the bathroom.  When I peeled it up, I found the same old wood flooring in great condition under those floors as well.  There was also some issues with the plumbing that I thought would require professional help.  Luckily, I was able to fix all the plumbing myself.  While, there is still a lot of work to be done before our house is our dream home, I am happy to be living in it just a month after we bought it.  Our real estate agent says that with the little work that we put into it, we could already sell it for twice as much as we payed for it.

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Castlegate Garage Doors offers high quality garage door openers.

I have a friend who works for a non-profit organization that is a community shelter for the garage door openershomeless. They are conveniently located right by the soup kitchen and fortunately are a prime piece of real estate because they are up on a hill and can look over the entire city and see the mountains from any window. They are two different garages that the community shelter uses day in and day out to help store any of the clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, bedding and other similar things that are donated to the shelter and another one with four different freezers full of food, general food donations and then all of the food that the state rations out to them.

As you might imagine, government run shelters don’t always have the latest and up to date products to use and sure enough one day the door the on the first garage with the toys and clothes stopped reaching the ground and there was in fact almost an inch gap. This caused quite an issue because when it rained or snowed the weather would creep into the garage and ruin some of the donations which were not in surplus. And a couple weeks later the second garage door also stopped shutting all the way and there was almost a two inch gap between the door and the floor. The garage door openers had just stopped efficiently working. As you might imagine the garages started to attract mice that would then die in the garage and start smelling up the place. Though the residents might have been desperate for food, bedding and clothes they certainly did not want or deserve to have weather worn and smelly items.

So finally my friend started to research businesses that sold quality garage doors in the area and found Castlegate Wood And Steel Garage Door Service, Inc. They told her about a garage door opener system that they had which had a life time guarantee and a promise that it would need no maintenance which is music to the ears of a person running an organization with limited funding and one that is highly used. Not only did they guarantee no maintenance but they said she had a plethora of garage doors to pick from. My friend didn’t know anything about garage doors and wasn’t even aware that there were doors made of different materials. She could pick between steel garage doors and wooden garage doors. These doors were also durable in the many different types of weather that her town exposed her doors to so she wouldn’t have to worry about any thing in her storage unit getting ruined again. She certainly will not have to deal with mice getting into her garage and into all of her donations ever again so she can offer all of her clients warm and fresh clothing, bedding and more. Now none of her food will be spoiled or have mice chew marks in them and there certainly won’t be the awful smell of dead mice emanating from her garage ever again!


Businesses are Offering Weed Coupons, to get Customers in the Door.

weed couponsAs Colorado and Washington duke it out to see which state will attain the status of the weed capitol of the United States and possibly the world, the real winners are the consumers.  As competition heats up among the various dispensaries and legal recreational shops, prices are continuing to drop, even as quality increases.  That is why businesses are offering weed coupons, to get more customers in the door.  Of course, from the sounds of it, they have had no problem getting customers in the door.  Nonetheless, whatever the reason they started providing these coupons, you should print them off and see what kind of deals you can get.  There is no reason not to.  It takes very little time to print off a few coupons, and the deals they advertise are incredible.  It is not uncommon to see high-grade sinsemilla for as cheap as twenty dollars an eighth.  In many cases, it is limited to certain strains.  Sometimes, though, the deals apply to any strain in the shop.  These are the best for the picky clientele.  There is nothing wrong with having preferences, when it comes to strains.  I try to get sativas as much as possible because I like the cerebral effects, rather than the sleep-inducing effects of the indicas.  People with physical pain should probably opt for indica-dominant strains, as they tend to have better pain-killing effects.  Of course, most strains are somewhere in between.  Typically, the customer service personnel at the dispensary will be able to give you some advice as to the best strains for you, if you do not know what you want, yet.  The cannabis deals apply to all different strains, and they even apply to concentrates and other cannabis products.  Today, especially in Colorado, concentrates are quite popular.  There are many different kinds of cannabis concentrates.  Ordinary hash used to be the most well-known type of concentrate available, but more and more people are forgoing the hash in favor of hash oil, which is slightly different.  While ordinary hash consists of THC and other matter that is separated from the cannabis with water, hash oil consists of THC and other matter separated form cannabis with some other type of liquid.  Sometimes butane is used, but there are many other liquids that can be used, as well.  Some argue that the carbon dioxide variety of hash oil is cleaner and better.  In addition to there being different methods of extraction, there are also different types of hash oil, and they all have different consistencies.  Some are extremely runny and are more like a liquid, while others are completely solid.  One of the solid varieties is known as wax.  Wax is a very popular type of hash oil because it is affordable and easy to use.  It has a much more solid consistency, so it is easier to work with.  With the marijuana coupons, you can get wax for some pretty low prices.  I have seen wax offered for twenty dollars a gram or less, though those are not the standard prices.


High efficiency HVAC units save you money

HVACTechnology has come a long way. We have touch screen phones and TV screens that we can talk to, we have cars that run on electricity, and we can order dinner with a few clicks of the mouse. So why does it make sense that the same families that own four smart phones and three high end plasma TVs are using 10 year old heating and cooling units? As much as half of your home’s energy can go into heating and cooling and these older HVAC units can be some real terrors to the electric bill. So what can you do about it? The answer is as easy as installing a new high efficiency heating and cooling unit in your home. If you’re the first one to upgrade your phone when the hottest thing drops then maybe it’s about time to update the device that controls your comfort!

Let’s take a hypothetical situation that everyone’s encountered. You’re going about your business when one of your parents gives you an earful about leaving the TV on when you’re not in the room or leaving the bathroom light on. Shutting these things off may save you a couple bucks here and there and I think that’s great. I’m all for saving money where you can when it comes to utilities. Well here’s a little food for thought: using high efficiency heating and cooling products can save you up to $200 dollars on your heating and cooling bill annually. That’s money in your pocket! Take your honey out to a nice dinner and cheer to making a good decision or better yet, stay in and cook a nice steak in your comfortably heated (or cooled) house.

Updated units can also save you money in other ways you might not expect. A lot of new units have thermostats with pre programmable settings. These are estimated to save you up to $180 annually when used correctly. Having maintenance issues? They’re going to be much less when you buy a new unit. Sure this may be common sense but more often than not I see people trying to slap bandages on older units when they could just call their local heating company and get a updated product put in. A bandage is great if you’re looking to cover up a scratch but it’s not going to fix a broken leg.

Of course, I’m no expert in heating and cooling and you probably aren’t either. That’s why I chose to call professionals like DNI Heating / AC to get the low down on the best product for me and my home. They recommended and installed a high efficiency unit in my home and not only did I see a decrease in my bills but I also had an increase in comfort. You know that one room that you can never quite get the right temperature? That’s a thing of the past now. I’m glad I finally invested the time to do the research and took the steps myself. You can’t put a price on comfort.

DNI Heating and A/C

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